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Continuing Education Credit DEADLINE EXTENSION!

Please claim your CE no later than midnight 1/7/17 at http://amsus.cds.pesgce.com

Contact Lori Lawrence with quesitons 


How to obtain CE Credit for the AMSUS 2016 Annual Continuing Education Meeting

1. Go to the following URL: AMSUS.cds.pesgce.com

2. Select the activity: AMSUS 2016 Annual Continuing Education Meeting

3. Enter an e-mail address and password to begin setting up your profile. Select “I Forgot My Password” if you need to reset the password you set up.

4. Verify, correct, or add your information

5. Proceed and complete the activity evaluation for each session you attend

6. Upon completing your evaluations, you can print your CE Certificate. Your CE record will also be stored here for later retrieval.

7. Please note that you must also complete the Overall Meeting Evaluation Form before you can print your CE certificate.

8. The website is open for completing your evaluation for 30 days after the event.

9. After the website has closed, 1/2/17 (extended to 1/7/17), you can come back to the site at any time to print your certificate, but you will not be able to add any evaluations.

Please send any customer service requests to support@pesgce.com